HCG is no longer being used in our office. We are using other procedures which presently and past results have been outstanding. We so appreciate our loyal clients, Thank You so much. Dr. Lydia Savic

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Weight Loss Rockford Barrington Schaumburg Area

Weight problems have health and financial costs. Excess body weight is a significant catalyst for developing heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, low self-esteem, hypertension, depression, and other debilitating conditions. Estimates of the variety of deaths attributable to obesity in the United States alone reach up to 350,000 per year.

Weight reduction centers help to adopt healthy lifestyle changes to keep the body fit and healthy. A weight loss center provides a relaxing, serene atmosphere. These experiences gear up the individual to follow a well-balanced eating routine, boost physical activities and preserve a healthy lifestyle.

Weight loss centers offer the company of similar individuals, thus making the improvement to a much healthier way of life.  A professional weight center should provide standards for healthy eating practices and workouts. We offer counseling, when required. Whichever weight reduction center you pick to fix your pressing issue of weight problems, make sure individuals at the chosen center are well-aware of your needs and are sensitive. Dr. Lydia Savic MD in Rockford is sensitive and will professionally look into your weight loss needs. Her Medical Center will recommend a well-balanced diet plan, medications if required, and eventually lead you into healthy weight-loss. When all else fails call on Dr. Lydia Savic for your Weight Loss needs. 

Dr. Savic has an extremely high success rate with her patients.  I believe you have everything to gain by taking forward steps with the  unneeded extra weight you’re carrying around. The extra weight is destroying your health.

Aching knees, extreme blood pressure, high sugar levels, swollen feet, swollen joints, and lower back pains are in many cases the result of your body carrying around too much weight.  Please remember not all Medical Weight Loss is the same. 

Dr. Savic is available at 815.381.7005.