HCG is no longer being used in our office. We are using other procedures which presently and past results have been outstanding. We so appreciate our loyal clients, Thank You so much. Dr. Lydia Savic

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Cryotherapy Rockford

Cryotherapy is a form of therapy that is used for improving the skin, firming the neck, face, upper arms, butt and thighs. It is also incorporated for weight loss, metabolism increases, relief for sore muscles, and diminishing cellulite buildup. These are just some of its uses. Please ask Dr. Lydia Savic for any other uses. 

How it Works is super cold air is applied to the body areas with temperatures as low as over -200F. Within hours after the cold air contacts the skin, a process of the body restoring itself occurs.

Cryotherapy minimizes sports related inflammation, swelling, and pain caused by injury or excessive stress on muscles. It’s a god send to any athlete who wants a quick recovery. We have had excellent results for our patients with Cryotherapy at our Rockford office.

The appearance of Mummy tummy after a birth can be greatly improved with cryotherapy. The after treatment results can be stunning.

Let’s just say you want to look your best at a family holiday, wedding, class room reunion, or important get together? Why not come in to our center and let us make you look your best ever. You will be glad you did.

I beleive my Cryrotherapy Rockford treatments are some of the best in the country, Dr. Lydia Savic, MD